MBA Official Master
The business sector demands managers and trained professionals who can lead projects that make their products differentiating elements capable of reaching the public directly.

Definition of the program
The master’s degree is structured in four modules, which cover knowledge related to business management and management in a highly changing environment and clearly focused on innovation, this Official Master’s Degree aims to consolidate knowledge related to business management and management.

What makes this mastery unique?

University MBA highlighted in the MBA Portal ranking.
100% of our students recommend the MBA.
One of the best online MBA in the US, Latin America and Spain according to the FSO Ranking.
Business simulator
Training of managers and entrepreneurs capable of leading and leading organizations in competitive, global and dynamic environments.
Empowerment of the entrepreneurial initiative when making decisions that affect the global nature of the company.

«This master’s degree prepares entrepreneurs and professional managers to face the challenges of the commercial and business world, training them in the importance of networking and business strategies that favor each company based on their characteristics.»

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