Business Management (MBA)

MBA Official Master
The business sector demands managers and trained professionals who can lead projects that make their products differentiating elements capable of reaching the public directly.

Definition of the program
The master’s degree is structured in four modules, which cover knowledge related to business management and management in a highly changing environment and clearly focused on innovation, this Official Master’s Degree aims to consolidate knowledge related to business management and management.

What makes this mastery unique?

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Training of managers and entrepreneurs capable of leading and leading organizations in competitive, global and dynamic environments.
Empowerment of the entrepreneurial initiative when making decisions that affect the global nature of the company.

«This master’s degree prepares entrepreneurs and professional managers to face the challenges of the commercial and business world, training them in the importance of networking and business strategies that favor each company based on their characteristics.»

Online MBA


Globalization and the growing competitiveness in the current business world make applied knowledge a fundamental tool for success. This context requires us to ask ourselves what we can do to progress and adapt our capabilities to the changing needs of organizations.

Specialized academic training at the graduate level is now indispensable for many professionals. Having an MBA is often a requirement and a differentiator for access and progression in the professional career.

In the program, it examines aspects such as leadership, decision-making, productivity, competitiveness and corporate social responsibility.

The profile of students who carry out higher education training programs is very varied, all branches of education being present, in which according to the type of program, branches of science or letters will have more weight (sciences, engineering, humanities, economy and administration … etc.).

This type of training programs is aimed primarily at graduates, graduates or university graduates, and may also be taken by students who can provide equivalent professional experience in the area in which the program is developed.

01.- Strategy and Leadership
This area of ​​the MBA is aimed at obtaining a global vision of the company from the perspective of the General Management, analyze their situation, their environment and their competence to increase the creation of value and implement the most appropriate strategy to obtain competitive advantages and create new business and investment opportunities both nationally and internationally.
In its content strategic thinking is enhanced, management functions are analyzed, management tools and problem solving and business situations.

02.- Marketing
Implementation of the marketing strategy to analyze the situation of the company and its competition, in order to make the necessary decisions to achieve a differentiated positioning and obtain competitive advantages. Choosing the target market and the commercial strategy well is one of the most important marketing decisions.

With digital marketing, the classic concept of the 4ps of the Marketing Mix (Product, Price, Point of Sale and Promotion) has been overcome. We are facing a global scenario where the client has more information capacity. Therefore, it is necessary to position the company on the Internet (Organic Positioning -SEO-) and make payment campaigns (SEM) to attract new customers and obtain greater presence and visibility, since companies that are not digital will not be competitive.

Analysis of new Marketing trends, based on the study of brain perceptions and the reactions of people to advertising impacts. This requires a thorough knowledge of the behavior of potential clients and their emotions.

The Master MBA in Business Administration and Management

Its main objective is to prepare you as a leader to occupy positions of greater responsibility and to know all areas of the company from a global and up-to-date vision. Likewise, you will obtain all the knowledge and skills necessary to start and lead your own project.

The EUDE MBA program allows you to know and understand all areas of company management with a global approach and from the perspective of business management. A training designed and prepared by executives of the best national and international companies and adapted to your needs, we offer you the option of doing your MBA in online, fulltime or executive modalities.

With our Master MBA in Business Administration and Management you will obtain a growth in your professional development and a labor improvement in the market. Thanks to its methodology, our program is a propeller of your professional career, since the year of the EUDE MBA is equivalent to 8 years of professional experience. With this, you will be able to become the perfect professional that companies are currently looking for.

Realizing our Master MBA in Business Administration and Management in any of its modalities you will acquire the following professional and personal competences:

Perform tasks of Senior Management.
Assume responsibility in the conception and implementation of strategic decisions.
Establish, manage and control the key financial elements of the company.
Strategically manage work teams in their different areas, as well as enhance and manage the talent of the organization’s staff.
Establish and manage the implementation of different marketing strategies and policies adapted to the current global, competitive and changing environment with technological support.
Develop the tasks of integral management of Communication, Quality, Management of Organizational Change and Corporate Culture.
 In addition, the EUDE Online MBA has been recognized by the most prestigious rankings in the sector:

«The MBA – Management and Business Management Online of EUDE Business School has been considered as one of the best MBA in the world according to the Ranking on Business Education of the economic daily newspaper Financial Times.»